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Rumus Passive Voice
Sama seperti kalimat-kalimat lain dalam bahasa Inggris, kalimat pasif juga memiliki rumus yang harus diterapkan. Rumus tersebut tentu berhubungan dengan tenses yang ada dalam bahasa Inggris. Berikut rumus passive voice berdasarkan tenses yang ada.

Tenses Rumus Contoh
Simple present tense S + am/is/are + V3 A letter is written
Simple past tense S + was/were + V3 A letter was written
Present continuous tense S + am/is/are + being + V3 A letter is being written
Past continuous tense S + was/were + being + V3 A letter was being written
Future continuous tense S + will be + V3 A letter will be written
Past future continuous tense S + would/should + V3 A letter should written
Present perfect continuous S + have/has + been + V3 A letter has been written
Past perfect continuous S + had + been + V3 A letter had been written
Future perfect continuous S + would + have + been + V3 A letter would have been written
Past future perfect continuous S + would/should + have + been + V3 A letter should have been written

Contoh Passive Voice
Setelah mempelajari mengenai rumus-rumus passive voice sesuai dengan tenses yang ada, selanjutnya adalah melihat beberapa contoh kalimat pasif. Berikut beberapa passive voice examples sesuai dengan tenses yang ada.

1. Simple Present
Some fruits are eaten by my friends.
My phone was thrown to the floor last week.
The film is recommended by his cousin.
2. Simple past
I was fooled by an advertisement in the banner.
He was already done.
They were heard by all of their friends.
3. Present continuous
My bike is being fixed by my father last night.
The computer is being used by my sister.
Her books are being borrowed by me.
4. Past continuous
She was being told by her mother about their family problems.
We were being confused by the new rules in the school.
The tasks were being done by us.
5. Future continuous
The pasta will be cooked by my mother tomorrow morning.
The last part of my favorite series will be released next week.
She will be gone tomorrow afternoon.
6. Past future continuous
They would be rewarded for their achievements.
The bags should be sold by the end of December.
Some books should be returned to the library as soon as possible.
7. Present perfect continuous
The meat has been cooked very well by the chef.
I have been told by her about our new projects.
This shirt has been chosen by her sister already.
8. Past perfect continuous
I had been told to always be thankful for everything that I have by my mother.
They had been fought each other since five months ago.
She had been taught to help each other by her father
9. Future perfect continuous
They would have been a family.
The cookies would have been eaten by us if we came early.
The chemistry subject would have been taught by Mr. Beni if he didn’t left
10. Past future perfect continuous
They should have been won the olympiade.
We should have been arrived.
The proposal should have been done by his manager as soon as possible.

Contoh Penggunaan Passive Voice dalam Percakapan Singkat
Percakapan 1

Jean: Woah.. Your sweater is cute!

Elsa: Really? Thank you Jean. This is made by my Mom, I’m so happy if you think so.

Jean: Your Mom made this? So cool.

Elsa: Yes, She’s been knitted this for two days long.

Jean: Now I know where your talents from.

Elsa: Haha.. Is that so? Wanna try to make it?

Jean: Can I?

Elsa: Ofcourse Jean.

Jean: Woah.. Thank you Elsa!

Elsa: Okay.


Percakapan 2

Ema: Jess, yesterday I’d found a cake shop around here!

Jess: A cake shop? Is it “Carmela’s Cake”?

Ema: You knew it?

Jess: I’ve been lived here all of my life, of course I knew it.

Ema: Why didn’t you told me before? The cake there was so good.

Jess: You like it? I think you had known.

Ema: Yess.. I love it. I didn’t know.

Jess: Sorry Ema. Let’s go there tomorrow afternoon.

Ema: Sure!


Percakapan 3

El: Bro, has you finished the task?

Reza: Not yet. I will be made it tomorrow.

El: How about we make it together?

Reza: Sound good. Let’s make it at your home. I’ll be there at 11 am.

El: Okay, see you tomorrow.

Reza: See you.


Percakapan 4

Nana: You got bullied again?

Rani: Hm..

Nana: Why are they doing this to you!? You’ve done nothing to them.

Rani: I don’t know.

Nana: Ghoss.. You’d better speak up about this. You can’t just let them be.

Rani: I’m scared and I don’t know how.

Nana: Don’t worry, I’ll help you.

Rani: Yeah, thanks Nana. You’re the best.

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